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Ada Choi Profile English name: Ada Choi
Chinese Name: Choi Siu Fan
Nickname: None
Date of Birth: August 17, 1973
Place of Birth: Hong Kong
Height 5'6
Career began: 1991
Company work for: TVB
Welcome to Ada Choi pictures gallery. Ada didn't start early in her career like other star but later on she become very successful. Not to mention she did crown to be miss Hong Kong in one of her year. She really brought the movie to life with her natural acting skills. She can play an evil person which make you hate her a lot, then she can play a reaaly nice girl and you began to like her. This just to show Ada did a very good job in her movie. I enjoy watching most of her ancient movies better because she look just right for a beautiful girl when she wear those outfit on and long braid hair.